About Me

Hi there. I am a writer. Please explore this site to find out the kinds of things I write.

There is a ‘Click This’ page, on which you can submit any idea/commission/comment to me, and I will turn it into a piece of writing for you. Please use and abuse your imagination.

I write and perform poetry. As well as written poems, you can find video and audio recordings.

I write and perform stand up comedy. You can also find video recordings of that.

I write and make films. You will be able to find both video and script in the ‘Films’ section.

I write and create theatre, usually with my theatre company Forest Sounds Theatre.

I write prose, sometimes, when I don’t want to use line breaks.

I write a lot of other stuff… graphic novels, descriptions of donk-based products,  augmented reality stories that I hide around woods and journalism, which is hosted by web developer Adam Worsley on a different site.