Poetry Film Review: Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

[not actually a film, but this is a review of the cinematic story of H:SS]

The spirits are there, Senua,
Their myths made bare,
The spirits are there, Senua.

Your voices aren’t real, Senua,
Though your fear is your appeal,
Those voices aren’t real, Senua.

Why do you still follow a dead man?
Your strength is mainly stripped from you, Senua.
Why do you still follow a dead man?

Psychosis sells, Senua,
Your story is more illusion than living Hell,
But its cooler to complicate with mental health,
Senua. Don’t go stalking into nightmares.
Senua. It’s beautiful, and terrifying, and rare.
But with all our good intentions
we only wrote the furies in your head
and forgot to give you a voice.

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